FlightFX Releases SF50 Vision Jet G2 for MSFS

November 30, 2022

FlightFX has just released their SF50 Vision Jet G2 for Microsoft Flight Simulator, a single-engine very light jet manufactured by Cirrus Aircraft. With a ceiling of 31000 feet, 311 knots of cruise speed, 1275 nautical miles of range, and a modern glass cockpit, it’s the private jet of choice for many people around the globe, with 350 built as of June 2022.

The SF50 features a custom G3000 (based on the Working Title G3000), three different seating configurations following real-life specifications (executive, family, and complete), custom integrated checklists, dynamic aircraft registration, high-quality texturing with performance in mind, visual icing effects, a comprehensive package of custom sounds, and more. The full feature list follows down below:


• Model tested by real world Vision Jet pilots.

• A reworked and optimized navigation suite based off of the Working Title G3000 (included in package).

• Custom V.A.M.S. (Virtual Aircraft Management System) that controls all aspects of aircraft status.

• Bose Active Noise Reduction system that can be activated right from the V.A.M.S.

• Three different seating configurations that match its real-life counter part (Executive, Family and Complete).

• Custom-built Initialization Screen.

• Custom G3000 integrated checklists.

• Dynamic aircraft registration appears on placard, Primary Flight Display, aircraft storage cover, and chocks.

• Radio frequency IDs built into the PFD.

• Engine and Aircraft performance pages.

• Accurate interior/exterior lighting design, including the iconic courtesy lights setup.

• Accurate two-step start procedure synonymous to the Vision Jet.

• Revamped fuel reporting system to mimic the real-life aircraft.

• Selectable ground power unit with custom audio.

• Interactive luggage and loading system with prepopulated weights and trip selections.

• Custom emergency gear deployment system.

• Integrated CAS messages and audio warnings.

Model Details

• Painstakingly optimized for performance

• A multitude of custom sounds recorded on site with professional recording equipment including



Wind and cabin noises

Drag noises


Annunciators and warnings


Ground roll

Buttons, switches and knobs

• Extremely high quality texturing without killing frame rates

• Supports MSFS visual icing effects and includes enhanced animated de-ice boots.

• Includes three liveries derived from actual Vision Jet paint schemes.

• Detailed interior and exterior textures for ultimate realism.

• Intuitive cockpit camera views for quick cycling through instruments.

It’s available on the Microsoft Flight Simulator Marketplace for $24.99, requiring at least 4.21 GB of free disk space to install. Pricing may vary per country due to regional pricing practices.
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