FS2Crew Releases Animated First Officer - FBW A32NX Edition for MSFS

FS2Crew has recently released their first AI-powered animated first officer add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator, an expansion pack for their Flybywire A32NX FS2Crew. 

The developers claim it has been something people wanted for a long time, but it was impossible in FSX and P3D because of technological limitations. MSFS, on the other hand, makes the “dream” come true with an AI co-pilot that can interact with the pilot and the aircraft.

The animated first officer will perform realistic cabin flows and checklists and physically interact with the environment, clicking on everything like you would expect a real first officer to.

They have included two videos from different content creators showcasing how the product works in practice:

It’s available on their official website for roughly $16.52 (on sale).

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