FS2Crew has announced all MSFS products are updated as of today.

FS2Crew specializes in creating highly immersive software that enables users to simulate the standard operating procedures (SOP) used by airlines. Their software is designed for use with Microsoft Flight Simulator, Prepar3D, and FSX, providing users with a realistic and engaging experience. With FS2Crew, users can experience what it's like to operate an airline and gain valuable insight into the SOP processes used in the aviation industry.

Today, via FS2Crew's official press release.

The team has announced that all FS2Crew MSFS products are updated as of today (PMDG 737, Fenix Airbus, CRJ, RAAS, Pushback Express and Leonardo Maddog). Significant changes were made with a groundbreaking "human-animated FO" for the FBW A32NX.

FS2Crew has fulfilled your requests for a female First Officer figure choice; she's activated by selecting a female voice within the settings.FS2Crew has significantly expedited the FO flows, allowing the FO to perform much faster than before.

For more information on changes made by Fs2Crew, please visit their website, where an official change log is published. To update your MSFS FS2Crew product, please use the Product Manager software located here.

FS2Crew can be purchased here for €14.99 or $16.20 discounted from €19.99/ $21.61.

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