FlightSim Studio AG Releases Airfield Kufstein-Langkampfen for MSFS

September 9, 2021

Earlier this week, scenery developer FlightSim Studio AG has released its newest product - Airfield Kufstein-Langkampfen (LOIK) for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The scenery, a handcrafted replication of its real life counterpart, brings the area to life with terraforming, realistic lightings, and custom static aircrafts.

According to the airport’s store page, it will feature manual terraforming that reflects the real terrain, custom night lightings, custom static aircrafts, and optimization for PC/XBOX. A full list of features can be found on Aerosoft’s webstore.

Airfield Kufstein-Langkampfen, located in Tyrol, Austria, is nestled inside the mountains, making it “a great base for extended gliding flights”. With only around 450m of usable runway, the airport will be a great challenge for any pilot who is attempting to land there.

Currently, the product can be purchased from Aerosoft’s webstore for €9.95, including 19% VAT. After purchase, the scenery can be installed via Aerosoft One and the developers recommend the users to have at least 1GB of free space on their hard drives.

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