FliteSim.com Reveals New Products at FSExpo 2024

FliteSim.com recently unveiled several new products during its presentation at this year's FSExpo in Las Vegas. After sharing fun facts about their current Force Feedback Yokes and Flight Consoles, they announced a total of four new projects.

The first product to be unveiled is a G1000 Console. The new console will feature authentic buttons and knobs and has been developed from an FTD Level 5 Device. It is scheduled to be available in Q4 2024.

After the G1000 Console was announced, the team proceeded to announce a new Boeing-style 737-800NG Yoke Handle. This new yoke, designed to pair with their current CLS-60/120 Yoke, will be a premium offering and will be available in Q4 2024.

Furthermore, a new Force Feedback Stick Base has been unveiled. It will feature a dual motor with 15 Nm of peak force and will be available in Q4 2024 alongside the other announced products.

Finally, to complete the new product lineup, the team is introducing Force Feedback Rudder Pedals. These pedals will be equipped with a single motor, providing a peak force of over 250 N. They are expected to be available in Q4 2024.

To summarize, FliteSim.com announced at FSExpo 2024 that they will be releasing four new products in Q4 2024. These new products include a G1000 Console, a Boeing-Style 737-800NG Yoke Handle, a Force Feedback Stick Base, and a Force Feedback Rudder.

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