Flight Sim Development Group Release La Romana XP

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Originally released for the ESP platform in October 2018, Flight Sim Development Group’s (FSDG) La Romana has been released for X-Plane. The developer’s rendition of the airport features animated SAM marshallers and performance optimisation. The airport has been ported over from the Lite range for ESP platforms.

Found in the Dominican Republic, La Romana is the 7th largest city in the Dominican Republic with an estimated population of over 130,000. Situated on the east of the island the city is a large area of tourism for the island with many resorts situated around the city. 

La Romana airport opened in December 2000 and replaced the old La Romana airport, the top destination from the airport is Milan-Malpensa with the route being served by carrier Neos.

Full Feature List:

  • Accurate rendition of La Romana International Airport, Campo de Casa (MDLR)
  • Animated marshallers (with SAM plugin)
  • Optimized for great performance and compatibility
  • Manual included

Flight Sim Development Group’s La Romana XP is available to purchase now at the FSDG website for €10 (excluding any applicable taxes).

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