FSLTL updates Base Model to 1.3-1.3.1

FSLTL, the developer behind the widely-used A.I. FSLTL Traffic for MSFS, has recently released an updated Base Model package featuring many enhancements. FSLTL seamlessly integrates aircraft into Microsoft Flight Simulator, providing users with a realistic, real-time experience of airline and general aviation traffic within the simulation environment. This software works seamlessly with MSFS default ATC and is VATSIM compatible through the provided VMR file. The latest update introduces an addition of 62 new liveries, comprising 38 for the 787-8, 16 for the ATR 42-500, and 8 for the ATR 42-600. This brings the total livery count to an extensive 1900! Additionally, the update addresses model issues, fixing broken animations like flaps and reversers. Other enhancements include the incorporation of "drooping elevator animations" for parked aircraft.

An all-around overhaul of aircraft sounds has been implemented, ensuring a significant improvement across all models. Start-up and shutdown sounds have been completely revamped, with specific enhancements catering to V.R. and headphone users. In addition, the effects have been refined for optimal performance on all model LODs, featuring optimized heat blur effects contributing to an improvement in FPS performance.

The lighting system has undergone a substantial rework, introducing new options that include faux flare and no flare lighting. The default is set to no flare, with adjusted flash rates on aircraft strobes, nav lights, and beacon lights to better align with real-world standards. Taxi and landing lights are now fixed to the front gear, extinguishing upon retraction. Some parked aircraft now feature logo lights, different colors for interior lighting, and smaller lights for aircraft positioned farther away from the user.

Wingspan values have been adjusted to approximately 10 percent below real-life values to accommodate the additional 6m of space added to MSFS parking stands. The final version 1.3.1 includes minor fixes, with the VMR file receiving a complete update and the correction of the ICAO code for Porter Airlines DH8D to PTR.

For users seeking to update or download FSLTL Traffic, the FlyByWire Installer provides a convenient installation process.

Also check out the complete user guide with video tutorial here, FSLTL User Guide.

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