rkApps Releases FSRealistic Core

November 7, 2021

Marking rkApps’ entry into the Microsoft Flight Simulator, the developer has introduced their introductory product for the platform.

You’ve likely heard of rkApps after their work on their XPRealistic for X-Plane, which forms the base structure and platform that the all-new FSRealistic is built off of.

FSRealistic is a plugin that aims to make your simulation experience more immersive within Microsoft Flight Simulator with an extensive set of sound and camera effects. Sound effects range from simple touchdown tyre screeches to wheel spin in the wheel well, airframe over G stress, amongst others in a full list of 28 effects.

Unlike XPRealistic, camera effects are rather limited within FSRealsitic Core due to the restrictions applied by the MSFS SDK. There is currently no camera SDK within the platform, meaning that instead of manipulating the physical camera viewpoint, the plugin applied effects to the aircraft itself to mimic the manipulation of the camera.

A new, extended version of the plugin will be released in due course once Asobo Studios opens up the SDK to all 3rd parties like rkApps to control the camera features.

Roy “rkApps” Kronenfeld states that FSRealistic “brings a whole new world of immersion into MSFS! With a growing list of 28 sound and airframe vibration effects, you will experience MSFS like never before”.

Effects introduced by the new addon are brought to typical airliner jets and private GA aircraft and gliders, helicopters, and seaplanes.

A full list of features brought straight into your simulator is as follows:

  • A growing list of 28 effects
  • Autostart with MSFS
  • FPS Friendly
  • Profile cloud
  • Compatible with all head-tracking devices
  • Compliments ButtKicker
  • Supported by all 3rd parties (as of 2021)

To check out the full list of all 28 effects, head over to the product page.

FSRealstic Core can be purchased for $19.00 on the Threshold Store now. The utility is also available for €21.59 (including 20% VAT) from simMarket.

Check out all the plugin has to offer on the new, dedicated FSRealistic website. A free 7 day trial of the plugin can also be downloaded on the new website.

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