rkApps Publishes New Sneak Peek at FSRealistic for MSFS

October 18, 2021

Hours ago, rkApps sent a short email update to subscribed users informing them that a new teaser video has been published; the latest video features the developer’s stint at auditory science in the simulator with an in-sim demonstration highlighting the immersive audio experience implemented as part of the plugin.

In the video, three of the 24 total sound effects were showcased, with a comparison between the original and the FSRealistic sounds, all of which shows a clear advantage in satisfying the user's auditory perception.

The first shown was reverse thrust sounds, to which the distinctive rumble of the redirected airflow is simulated, the second audio preview is for seaplane simmers which sample features “float splashing”, in the comparison - a seaplane is accelerated on water within the cockpit, FSRealistic sounds incorporates hearable splashes and wake effects as the aircraft’s floats impact waves, in contrast to the nearly silent operation in default MSFS. The final audio preview showcases ground roll effect, which brings audible rumble and rattling as the airframe travels on ground.

As part of the provided “audio showreel”, the developer announced that FSRealistic is on track to enter the Beta stage by the end of the month, to which the testing period will lead to a push to release in stores as soon as possible. This concerns the sound pack, which will soon be floowed by a "Camera pack", presumably to incorperate headshake effects akin to X-Plane's XPRealistic.

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