FlightSim Studio Announces Release Date for Embraer 175 Add-on

FlightSim Studio AG has recently previewed their upcoming Embraer 175 in a three-hour long live stream where they have shown the current state of the product, planned features, and pricing, along with a development roadmap

The E175 is a narrow-body, twin-engine jet airliner produced by Brazilian aerospace manufacturer Embraer, designed to seat up to 78 passengers in a typical two-class configuration or a maximum of 88 passengers in a high-density layout. It has a range of up to 2,400 nautical miles, making it suitable for regional and medium-haul flights. 

The add-on is coming out five days from now under an early access program, where users will be able to test the aircraft during its development process and provide feedback. The complete feature list follows down below:

3D Model
– Precise and highly detailed recreation of the E-Jets Series (interior & exterior)
– Including long and short winglet version
– Using native MSFS technologies like:
– High resolution decals
– Crisp and sharp liveries
– PBR effects throughout
– Custom icing model
– Individual interior and exterior lighting
– Hundrets of animations including wipers, seats, wingflex, etc.
– Ground service docking config
– Dynamic registration number
– 7 detailed liveries included:
– American Airlines
– United Airlines
– Alaskan Airlines
– Fuji Dream
– Free liveries at
Flight Instruments
– Realistic Primary Flight Display (LOAD27) including :
– Autopilot FMAs
– V-Speeds readout
– Low Speed Awareness tapes
– VMO/MMO barber poles
– Metric altitude readout
– Trend vectors
– BARO in hpa and inhg
– Radio altitude readout
– Flight director (bar/cue)
– Flight path vector
– Slip/skid indication
– Vertical deviation scale/pointer (LOC only)
– HSI (Compass only)
– Custom Multifunctional Display including:
– MAP mode (arc view with routing and navaids)
– Progress display
– Realistic Integrated Electronic Stanby System (IESS)
– Custom EICAS display including all required system information
– Custom digital clock
– Custom coded Audio Control Panel (VHF1-3, NAV1-3)
Autoflight System
– Custom Flight Director implementation including TO mode.
– Automatic Yaw Damper logic
– MAN speed mode
– Custom tuned lateral autopilot modes (ROLL, HDG, LNAV, LOC, TRACK)
– Custom tuned vertical autopilot modes (FPA, TO, ASEL, FLCH, ALT, VS, GS)
– Corresponding Flight Mode Annunciators on PFD
– Custom soundpack specifically done for this product
– Immersive cockpit feeling typical for E-Jets
– Based on real world recordings
– Includes several warning and alert sounds
Flight Dynamics
– Correct weight & balance behavior
– Performance in reasonable limits to real world data
– Configured by real world airline pilot
– Online documentation available:
– Study Guide
– Autopilot Guide
– MCDU Guide
– Professional Bug Tracking and Reporting
System Simulation
– All systems custom coded based on real aircraft manual
– Electrics (AC/DC)
– APU including realistic procedures
– Hydraulics
– Heating / Ice Protection
– Air Condition / Pneumatics
Flight Management System
– Detailed replica of the LOAD27 MCDU:
– Custom lateral route management incl. SID/STAR
– Performance Initialization & Data
– Fuel Management
– Takeoff and Landing speed calculation
– Flight Summary
– COM/NAV integration
– Conversion Calculations
– Maintenance Pages
– Progress overview
– Direct keyboard entry available
– Interactive MSFS checklist with custom cameras and highlightings
– MCDU input via keyboard
– Route integration into native MSFS map
– Using native MSFS nav database
– Pop-out screens

It’s going to be available next Tuesday for 33 euros. Threshold will keep you updated.

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