FSimStudios Announce the Release Date of Kelowna for MSFS

September 12, 2020

Scenery developer FSimStudios has announced a release date for Kelowna for MSFS, and at the same time, has announced Vancouver. The announcements came through a Facebook post, in which the developer shared previews of Kelowna along with a statement saying that “Vancouver is up next”.

Kelowna was first seen in X-Plane 11, created by FSimStudios in partnership with Canada4XPlane. The scenery was first announced early this month, but until now, there was no release date. In the post, FSimStudios stated that the scenery will be publicly available “next week”.

As of now, no further information has been released by FSimStudios.

Kelowna Airport (IATA: YLW, ICAO: CYLW) sits 11 kilometers northeast of Kelowna, Canada. The airport first opened in 1947 with commercial service starting in 1958. The one runway at Kelowna sees mainly Air Canada and WestJet flights, with an average of 1.5 million people traveling through annually.

You can find more information about FSimStudios on their Facebook page or their website.

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