Forest Studio Released SkyShare for MFS

August 24, 2020

Microsoft Flight Simulator developer Forest Studios has released its first product - SkyShare, a cockpit sharing plugin. The product will provide a zero latency connection between a host and client, allowing two users to control the same airplane in real time.

According to the developers, the plugin only needs one copy of MFS in order to function. The user running the simulator, the host, will use SkyShare to connect to his partner, who can control the aircraft while watching the host’s live stream via twitch, discord, or other social platforms.

All users interested In Sky Share must own a router with port-forwarding capabilities. Additionally, only joysticks are supported in the current version with yoke and throttle support possibly being added in the future.

SkyShare can be purchased on simMarket for EUR 10.96 or $12.90. For users unsure if Skyshare is supported by their network, a free test connection version can be downloaded here.

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