Flysimware Drops Teaser Showcase Video for their Upcoming Cessna Chancellor Aircraft

January 11, 2022

Known for their classic aircraft contribution for Microsoft Flight Simulator, Mark from Flysimware has posted a video on their YouTube Channel, to showcase a small snippet of their upcoming Cessna 414A Chancellor aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

After the last snippet video was released in July of last year, Flysimware went tight-lipped on any further developments in regards to the upcoming aircraft. However, almost 6 months later, we have a sneak peek as to what the custom 3D cabin is going to look like, in the simulator itself.

At a glance, PBR textures are used throughout the cabin and flight deck. Alongside this, this cabin has features similar to the GA aircraft in XP11, which have moveable tables and various other clickable regions in the cabin. The flight deck features a well represented Cessna-style cockpit. Turning to the Captain’s side of the cockpit, an Electronic Flight Bag is pulled up which has an intuitive UI that is tailored for usability and performance, making it easy for first-time users to use it out of the box. At another point in the video, we see that the EFB can control various ground handling objects such as chocks, and static objects. In addition, different aircraft states, from cold & dark to ready for taxi are all controllable through the EFB. Mark then moves to the clickable button regions within the cockpit, featuring different lighting switches and removable storm lock switches.

Flysimware has not disclosed a release date or price for the Cessna 414A Chancellor as of yet. However, if you are interested in their other products for P3D, FSX, or MSFS, you can check their products out on their website.

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