FSWeekend 2024 Day 2 Roundup

It was another exciting day packed with amazing things at FSWeekend in Lelystad, Netherlands! Today’s presentations were announcements, panels, and we’ve prepared a roundup of all the news on the final day of FSWeekend 2024.

The first presentation was from Papa Hotel, who showcased his rendition of Lelystad Airport, which is the location of FSWeekend, in Microsoft Flight Simulator! In the presentation, he confirmed features such as custom 3D objects, custom orthophotos, interior modeling for the terminal, and more! He also said that he is committed to upgrading the airport with new features in the future.

After the panel by FSElite, which included names such as Andreas from cruiselevel.de, Jamie, more commonly known as LondonController, Jordan from FSElite, and Threshold’s own Magnus Lorvik, there was a presentation by Mike from FlightSimCoach. Mike discussed aspects of FlightSimCoach, which is a service that helps flight simmers get a more in-depth introduction into flight simming, as well as offers one-on-one instruction with an instructor that can help with anything and is bespoke to a simmer’s needs.

Image Courtesy of FSElite Livestream

Keeping on ahead there was a presentation by ToLiss, being a retrospective on the past decade of ToLiss products. He went into more depth on the ToLiss history, and highlights of the products they’ve released. Also in their presentation was a hint at what aircraft they were working on next, but unfortunately, the only thing that was mentioned was that it was going to be another Airbus aircraft.

Image Courtesy of FSElite Livestream

And with that concludes FSWeekend 2024, and all the exciting announcements and showcases that happened today! Be sure to stay tuned to Threshold, because we have some exciting behind-the-scenes content at FSWeekend we’re excited to share, and we’re so excited on what amazing things will happen at next year’s FSWeekend!

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