FLY X Simulations Announces Rovaniemi Rebooted

Saturday, November 23, 2019

In August, FLY X Simulations released their third X-Plane scenery, Lanzarote, as freeware to the X-Plane 11 community.

Rovaniemi is one of their other airports also available as freeware, but the developer has chosen to redo the scenery, as announced through a blog post today.

"The scenery will feature an up-to-date rendition of all Buildings within the airport vicinity, including the Brand new extension to Rovaniemi’s main terminal building," wrote FLY X in the blog post.

"As with our freeware Kittila scenery, there will be both a winter mode featuring snow and ice on the airport apron, foliage and buildings, and a summer mode (without any snow)."

The scenery is to be the developer's first payware product, and available in early December for US $17.99.

A features list was also given:

  • Ultra high resolution PBR textures for all buildings and ground textures
  • Up-to-date buildings
  • Winter and summer modes
  • Custom Autogate Jetways
  • Custom Trees
  • Highly detailed Terminal Interior

FLY X Simulations noted that all screenshots shown today are in an alpha state and that the final product will look different.

Rovaniemi Airport is the third busiest in Finland and was built in 1940. 644,000 passengers used the airport last year, and easyJet began flying from Manchester to Rovaniemi on Thursday.

Additional screenshots and information is available on the blog post.

FLY X Simulations is available on Facebook and Discord.

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