FlightFX Announces Release Date for SF50 Vision Jet

November 15, 2022

Nick Sdoucos and the FlightFX team has announced the release date and pricing for their rendition of the SF50 Vision Jet for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Bringing an all-new business jet to the MSFS.

The Vision Jet has been included in both XP11 and XP12 packages right out of the box, but FlightFX has taken the challenge to create one of the most notable small jets in flight simulation.

Nick from FlightFX has stated in his press release:

“The entire team has really poured their heart and soul into this project. It’s really been quite the journey and it's definitely the culmination of a lot of late nights and missed family time”

It was also stated in the press release that the team is already at work preparing additional enhancements that will come in later updates which will include the refresh of the WT G3000. In addition to the team trying to capture the experience of flying in this aircraft.

The SF50 Vision Jet will be available on the Marketplace on November 22, 2022, with a price of $24.99. Pre-release streams from TwoToneMurphy and TheFlyingFabio will available for users to tune in and see the aircraft for themselves before purchasing,

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