RealSimGear Releases Garmin G500 for X-Plane

September 24, 2021
David Vega

Known hardware developer Realsimgear has recently released their Garmin G500 avionics system for X-plane, following the announcement which can be found on the TorqueSim site, furthermore being one of many to come. 

Realsimgear developed the product in collaboration with TorqueSim, known for their Cirrus SR22 and BN-2 Islander, both for X-Plane as well. The system is currently pre-integrated into the Laminar Research Cessna 172, and both versions of the TorqueSim BN-2 islander.

The product comes packed with features, some of the highlighted features include; Accurate avionics with detailed menus and configurability, detailed map views showing the flight plan alongside other important geographical information, waypoint information page, ability to retrieve detailed information about airports, VORs, and more - directly from the G500. An Integration with the RealityXP GTN and GNS avionics can also achieve a more accurate behavior, alongside features like helicopter configuration with flipped displays for right-sided mounting. 

The real-world counterpart, Garmin G500 is a two-touchscreen avionics system available in multiple versions. The system is designed for single and twin engined planes with a weight lower then 6000lbs. Furthermore, the G500 is designed to work with other Garmin avionics equipment including the GFC 600 and 500 autopilot systems. The G500 is also available with Synthetic Vision that can be equipped for an additional $2995.  

The Garmin G500 can be purchased for $49,95 on the Store.

Thanks to Flight In Service in the Threshold Discord Server for the scoop!

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