GA-Business Simulation Plugin "X-CPL" Released

July 21, 2020

With no prior announcement, a product called X-CPL Pilot has surfaced on the .org forums, announced a few hours ago by Tino" a developer behind the plugin. After 11 months of work, the add-on aims to replicate the day to day operations of a GA Business.

Easy to Use UI

"You are an entrepreneur. A pilot for hire. Pick your jobs, choose from parachuting, cargo, pax or sightseeing jobs." the website/product description reads. The plugin offers a plethora of choices to select as part of your job to work as a pilot and build your business to cater towards anyone and anywhere. "Fly time-critical VIP missions or relaxing sightseeing tours. The choice is yours."

Major features include a Multileg flights, with a random contract generator that creates routes using over 14 different destinations, with the choice to add new FBOs that would connect to one another through the generated jobs. Then the entire job's finances are precisely calculated using estimates from the real world, fees to charter costs and the income generated are realistically simulated, varied through the type of aircraft, location, and season.

A future update will introduce aircraft purchasing and employee hiring, users can assign employees to planes and routes, adding another layer of management to the mix.

Realistically Calculated Finances

The add-on also bring visual immersion to your experience with custom objects, cars and buses transport passengers or freight to your aircraft on the apron, and there's an option to add your own objects to customise, from luggage to parachute jumpers, users could create scenes with their imported objects in real time, bringing ease of use to make picturesque scenes to take screenshots, there is an import and export function that even lets you share your scenes with other users, forgoing the necessity to create them in WED and upload as a scenery.

The add-on is fully VR compatible as well, there is no need to leave the cockpit.

Finally at the end of a mission, there is a rating mechanism to determine how well you did your job as a pilot, having good ratings will lead you to more lucrative and better paid jobs. If the missions generated doesn't satisfy, users are able to create their own missions, using the scenes they made: rescue missions, ferry flights to Oshkosh, or Sightseeing flights. The jobs can then be shared as well.

The plugin is available in two languages: English and German, if you're interested, watch the trailer for the plugin:

Priced at $32.00, users interested can purchase X-CPL at the store.

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