Gaya Simulations Shares Previews of Vienna Airport

Luke Phillips
Sunday, March 1, 2020

After a short break in previews, while developing Kos, Gaya Simulations has posted more previews of their upcoming Vienna Airport. 

The post, on their Facebook Page, showed 11 screenshots from the simulator of various elements. Some elements included the terminal, ATC tower, an airport train link, static aircraft and ramp clutter.

Vienna airport was first hinted at in September 2019, with previews coming roughly monthly after that. Since the opening of their Kos giveaway, not much had been posted on the project.

In the real world, Vienna airport originally opened as a military airport in 1938, in present-day the airport handles over 31 million passengers annually. The busiest route from Vienna is to London with over 1.1 million passengers annually, closely followed by Frankfurt.

Also included in the post was a short FAQ section, it read:

Yes- we will include the new parking stands on apron B

Yes- the airport will include SAM/SODE with VGDS and moving jetways.

Yes- we will clean out the cars from the ortho-imagery roads.

Threshold will make sure to keep you up to date with all progressions with the project.

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