Global Forests v2 Released for X-Plane 12

September 15, 2022

Geo Reality Design recently released v2 of its Global Forests addon for X-Plane 12, adding more immersion, replacing and, enhancing X-Plane's vegetation. Global Forest 2 covers three regions, Europe, North America, and Asia-Oceania. V2 complements Global forests V1 for seamless integration with Ortho4XP, terrain, and X-Plane 12’s seasons! Over 400 .for files utilized with various trees, vegetation, and density data. Based on real-world information using vegetation height/density from global map data to provide that living world feel, something bush pilots would greatly appreciate! Global Forests v2 is on the X-Plane.ORG store for $15.00. Check out this video on their YouTube page for additional footage!

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