Grinelli Designs Publishes Development Update on F-100D Super Sabre Module for DCS

Grinelli Designs has recently published a new development update on their upcoming F-100D Super Sabre Module for DCS concerning its current 3D modeling progress, sound design, and future development plans. 

They have used advanced 3D scanning techniques and photogrammetry to obtain precise measurements, shapes, and textures of the exterior and cockpit, which were then sent to their modeling team to be used as a reference for their work.

Grinelli Designs has also recorded many cockpit sounds to enhance the product’s audio experience.

The current development progress is said to be steadily moving forward, with the airplane in a flyable state and with many advancements in the flight model, engine, fuel, and hydraulic systems, while also actively testing and refining the core systems of the aircraft.

Even though the addition of the 3D scans has improved the accuracy and fidelity of their upcoming product, they claim there’s more work to be done: continuous refinement of the exterior and interior, flight model tweaks, the implementation of a weapon system, and adding more liveries and customization options. They also claim they have been collaborating with real-world F-100D pilots and experts and actively listening to their insights and knowledge.

They finish the development update with a link to their progress tracker, where people can see how far they have come with the development so far.

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