GearDown Simulations Previews Campo dos Amarais Airport for MSFS

January 27, 2023

GearDown Simulations has recently previewed the progress on their rendition of Campo dos Amarais - Prefeito Francisco Amaral State Airport (SDAM) for Microsoft Flight Simulator, a general aviation airport serving Campinas, the fourteenth most populous city in Brazil.

Despite not having scheduled flights throughout the year, the traffic figures sit at nearly 40 thousand passengers a year, all of that being general aviation, divided between executive jets, air taxis, and student pilots. With a total of 25 hangars and compatibility with nocturnal operations, it’s the ideal business alternative to Viracopos, the main airport in the region.

It’s operated by Rede Voa, a private Brazilian airports consortium responsible for sixteen airports scattered around the country. They won the concession to Campo dos Amarais and four airports in the São Paulo state back in March 2017, when the previous owner, DAESP (the Airways Department of São Paulo State), had to give up on most of their airports due to financial problems.

Developed in close contact with the operator (Rede Voa), the scenery will feature an accurate rendition of the airport as it currently stands, with an 85% accurate mesh, custom ground textures, custom vegetation, and more.

There’s no information regarding the release date or pricing, but Threshold will keep you updated!

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