GearDown Simulations Releases 14-bis for MSFS

GearDown Simulations, in partnership with RPSimulations and a popular aviation channel from Brazil (Aviões & Músicas), has recently released a 14-bis for Microsoft Flight Simulator, first flown in 1906 and known (although not worldwide) as the world’s first airplane.

Inspired by Gabriel Voisin’s glider, Santos Dumont’s 14-bis was made of a Hargrave-cell and powered by a 50 horsepower fuel-injected V8 engine, making it able to fly for a few hundred meters at a time at an impressive (by the early 1900s standards) 40 km/h.

It won the second prize in November 1906 at the Chateau de Bagatelle after flying for 220 meters, earning Santos Dumont a monument at the place, which is still up to this day.

The add-on accurately simulates the aircraft’s performance and flight dynamics based on its original documents. 

It’s available on the GearDown Simulations Store for roughly $2.51 (limited-time offer).

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