Got Friends Releases Freeware Mozzie Mk III

Got Friends, who you’ll know from their F4F Wildcat and Double Ender project, have released a new freeware helicopter for Microsoft Flight Simulator with a purpose.

Got Friends has developed the Mozzie Mk III as a way to help fundraise to help the father of one of their developers who needed emergency brain surgery to save his vision, you can read more about the situation on the family’s gofundme page. As of writing the freeware project has raised over $350 through the gotfriends website with others donating directly to the gofundme.

The Mozzie Mk III is a single-seat ultralight helicopter with an open cockpit. Powered by a V-twin motorcycle engine the Mozzie is designed as a conventional tail rotor helicopter and as such is capable of autorotations. Overall the Mozzie is a very easy helicopter to fly and the perfect introduction for anyone wanting to learn how to fly them in the sim. You can download the Mozzie and donate directly to the gofundme through the Got Friends website.

On behalf of the writers and staff at Threshold, I’d like to wish Scott a quick and easy recovery, our thoughts are with the entire Yaeger family this holiday season.  

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