Got Friends Releases Mini-500 for MSFS

February 12, 2023

Got Friends has recently released their rendition of the Revolution Mini-500 for Microsoft Flight Simulator, a single-seat light helicopter from the 90s sold as a kit for homebuilding by Revolution Helicopter Corporation. 

Designed to resemble a mini Hughes 500, the Mini-500 is powered by a Rotax 582 engine that produces around 64 horsepower, with a range of 225 miles and a maximum speed of 115 mph. The fuselage is made of tubular steel with a cabin made of foam and structured with glass fiber. 

It first flew in 1992, with its official introduction in 1994, and a total of 500 kits sold until production ceased about six years later. The kits were sold for around $24,500, including the engine, the fiberglass enclosure, instruments (the basic pack), the electric starter, landing lights, and navigation lights. As most of the parts came pre-assembled at the factory, the total build time was around 40 hours. 

The MSFS counterpart features custom MGL avionics, multiple visual effects (including downwash, combustion, heat, rain, and icing), a native flight model using the Helicopter SDK, interchangeable avionics (GTR-220 radio or GNS-530), and many custom liveries.

It’s available on the Got Friends Shop for $15.00. 

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