Got Friends Releases AviTar Series for MSFS

Got Friends, developers of well loved aircraft and pilot avatars, has released another foray into avatar development for Microsoft Flight Simulators, the AviTars Series for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

This release builds on their very popular freeware “Man's Best Friend” mod, and adds more advanced technology and higher detailed character models to the simulator. The models integrate with the IK Chain animation system, and work with the MSFS core, so they are able to grab and move the yoke, rudder pedals, throttles, and mixture on any aircraft that has used the animation system. Many addons are already compatible, such as the popular Comanche 250 by A2A Simulations, and many aircraft from developers like Flying Iron Simulations and Touching Cloud.

One of the six models included with the Valor Pack

The Got Friends’ AviTar Series includes three avatar packs. The first pack is a re-launch of the popular Man’s Best Friend pack, including integration with the AviTar system, and includes eight new cats, and one new dog, The next pack, dubbed “Valor” includes six warbird pilots to take out on missions. The third pack includes many of the community’s favorite Twitch streamers, including TwoToneMurphy, TheDukeNewComb, WestCoastWilly, BurstixTV, FordorLearnToFly, and OohCando.

TwoToneMurphy, rendered in the highest quality

The Valor pack is a payware product, and can be acquired in the Got Friends store for $4.99 USD. The Valor and Man’s Best Friend packs are both free. The inital release will be for PC only, but Got Friends is planning on a Marketplace and XBOX release sometime in the future

For more information about Got Friends’ amazing AviTar series and to get them for your sim, visit the Got Friends Store.

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