Golden Key Studio Releases F-111 Ardvark For MSFS

Golden Key Studio (also known as GKS) have released their rendition of the F-111E Ardvark for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The release comes just days after the most recent update on the project’s development.

Originally developed by General Dynamics in the early 60's, the F-111E, nicknamed the Aardvark, was a pioneer for the development of features that would become a staple of modern combat aircraft. The Ardvark was the first production aircraft to feature variable-sweep wings. The platform also played a pivotal role in the design of modern after-burning engines. The Aardvark first entered service with the USAF in 1967, and the Australian government later purchased the E variant of the F-111. While the RAAF only ever deployed their F-111s as a deterrent, the USAF flew over 4000 combat missions in both the Vietnam and Gulf Wars. The USAF retired their F-111s in 1996 while the RAAF had theirs in active service until 2010.

GKS promises users of the F-111 will experience an authentic flight model with impressive graphics and a highly detailed cockpit featuring accurate aircraft systems. GKS has kept the development of the Ardvark pretty quiet overall, and while there isn’t a ton of information available on their latest offering it is expected that it will be up to the same standard as their MiG-21.

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