Florence Airport Latest Scenery Available from Gaya Simulations

October 17, 2020

Continuing to grow their reputation in the world of Microsoft Flight Simulator, Gaya Simulations has released their latest product Florence Airport (LIRQ).

An airport located in Tuscany, Italy, Florence offers flight simmers the opportunity to explore the surrounding area through jets or GA aircraft.

Gaya states the airport has been optimised for “ultra-smooth performance” and includes custom-made points of interest in and around the airport.

There is also the addition of the challenging approach and high-quality 3D assets in the city.

The full features list is as follows:

  • A details-focused rendition of Florence Airport (LIRQ).
  • Fully optimised for ultra-smooth performance.
  • Includes custom animations.
  • Many custom-made POIs in and around the airport.
  • Proximity to the historic Renaissance centre of Florence.
  • High-quality 3D assets dotted around the city for an ultra-realistic experience.
  • Incredible yet challenging approach bordered by the nearby Monte Morello.
  • Central location in Italy, in the heart of Tuscany.

Available to purchase through OrbxDirect, the airport costs AUD $26.79 (approx. US $18.97 / €16.19 / GBP £14.69).

Further screenshots are also available to view on the store page.

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