Gaya Simulations Previews Vienna (LOWW) in Microsoft Flight Simulator

August 4, 2020

Marking the first time previews of a third party scenery addon have been shared, Gaya Simulations have dropped two teasers of Vienna Airport in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.

"We've been waiting for this day to come... Today, we can finally share the first previews of our sceneries in Microsoft Flight Simulator," the post begins.

"What better airport than Vienna to show off in the new sim, with the default scenery perfectly complimenting a top-class product."

Just two previews accompanied the post, both showing Vienna's west pier in a quite polished state. It's unclear what the status of the rest of the airport is.

The developer says there are more previews of their other airports (both in-development and released), which currently includes Kos, Florence, Kristiansand and Berlin-Tegel.

The group reportedly chose Berlin-Tegel with Microsoft Flight Simulator in mind, as it would gel well with the surrounding default cityscape.

Today's news closely follows the first third-party aircraft to see the light of day, with previews out last week of PMDG's 737NG3 emerging over on their forum. This appears to have quelled some concerns regarding the nature of the simulator's SDK, as some had previously questioned it's readiness for the August 18th release date.

To learn more about Microsoft Flight Simulator's SDK, check out a previous article in which we dive deeper into what we know about the developer tools for the new sim.

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