Gaya Simulations Issues Update On Vienna and Kos

Gaya Simulations have just posted an update on their Facebook page about two of their sceneries in development as well as a quick comment about the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

Their statement regarding COVID-19 read: “Like most of you probably, [we are all] deep inside quarantine and waiting this weird times will end (sic). However, we took it to a (sic) positive way and the working (sic) around the clock (literally) to finish and release some amazing stuff.”

The developer first indicated that their rendition of Vienna International Airport, Austria would be released “during the global quarantine period”. They also insisted that the P3D and X-Plane versions are developed separately and are not conversions of each other. 

Gaya Simulations also said that an update for their Kos airport is finished and is now ongoing beta-testing. The update is said to bring new taxi signs, static aircraft, a control panel and more. Kos Airport is available on OrbxDirect for $40.00 AUD or approx. $23.00 USD at the time of writing. 

Raz concluded by saying: “I wish you all a great health to you and your families, take care and give special attention to old people!” 

See the source post for this article on Gaya Simulations’ Facebook page.

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