Stairport Releases GroundService for XP11

April 1, 2022

One of the most anticipated airport environment add-on's has been released. Stairport, in collaboration with MisterX, have released GroundService plugin for X-Plane 11. Being the second plugin of its kind, many XP11 users have looked forward to this product developed by the well known developers.

The plugin enhances the various aspects of airport life that has often been neglected in X-Plane 11 for quite some time. While other development teams have included basic ground services in their plugins, this release brings the whole world of ground services to light. With cleaning trucks, to passenger stairs for smaller airports, this plugin provides it all, with high accessibility for users through the SAM3 plugin.

With a multitude of features, this plugin provides it all. First, the product does come with a aircraft compatibility list, and a 10 minute demo has been provided to give users a chance to take a dip in the water before purchasing. All aspects of ground services have been included in the package with items such as GPU, cleaning trucks, loaders, and animated passenger stairs being included. X-Plane 12 compatibility is currently under development for the plugin to be ready at the launch of XP12.

This plugin by Stairport is available for purchase on the Aerosoft Store with a selling price of $34.99. If you are interested in other products developed by Stairport and MisterX, you can check out their product pages over on Aerosoft Store for Stairport, and the Store for MisterX

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