XFER Design Publishes H145 Progress Update

October 12, 2020

XFER design published an update on the H145 project yesterday on their Facebook page, saying that while it’s easy most of the time to build 3D objects and textures they’ve struggled with the systems.

The dev started the project back in 2017 on the X-Plane 10 platform and when X-Plane 11 was released they continued developing on the X-Plane 10 platform figuring that they’d just convert it to X-Plane 11 when finished, the dev said this made things harder and some of the perks that X-Plane 11 offered they didn’t have and had to code by themselves while others simply required too much work to be possible.

So they decided to start focusing only on the X-Plane 11 version and scrapped the X-Plane 10 version, adding that as expected they’ve already ran into some issues and bugs with the X-Plane 11 version.

Some of them have been fixed while others have not, but overall they’ve enjoyed the development more focusing on one platform instead of two.

You can see the original post on Facebook.

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