Honeycomb Aeronautical Charlie Update

Following a lengthy post to their Facebook page Honeycomb Aeronautical has made an official announcement on their website regarding the shipments for pre-orders and eventual retail release for their long-awaited Charlie Rudder Pedals. The announcement comes just a week after Founder and CEO Nicki Repenning took to Honeycomb's Facebook page to inform the community of what's been happening behind the scenes and why there's been an overall lack of communication from the company, which you can read about here. At the time of writing, the page the update was posted to has been taken down.

The update that was released on Honeycomb’s website outlines the current plan for honoring refunds, pre-orders, and the eventual rollout for retailers. Honeycomb states that pre-orders will be shipped June 24th and those who have canceled their pre-orders can expect a refund sometime in February, these units will be available through the Honeycomb store later and will start shipping with the pre-order units. Retailers are expected to have the Charlie in stock after the second half of August 2024. You can read the full announcement here.

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