Canada4XP Issue Brief Update on Hamilton (CYHM) Progress

Peter Tram
Saturday, March 7, 2020

Canada4XP has published a simple picture based update on their upcoming payware Hamilton Airport, not much has been said as the update was large self explainatory. On the development thread at, the developer noted that the showcased images of the objects are placed in their "testbed" airfield. The objects aren't finished and were simply placed on the default CYHM scenery.

Originally opened in 1940 as "Mount Hope Airport", the airfield was purposed as a Royal Canadian Air Force air base before being upgraded into a civilian airfield post WW II. The real airport is the principal aviation gateway for the city of Hamilton and also serves the adjacent areas of Southern Ontario, including the Greater Toronto Area.

At times, the Airport acts as a reliever airport for Toronto's Pearson Intl. Airport. As the Airport is capable of serving as a reliever for Pearson, the airfield infrastructure includes two asphalt runways, a 3,050 m x61 m runway to serve large aircraft from international flights, and a smaller 1,832 , x 46 m runway for smaller aircraft. The airport enjoys the largest overnight express airport freight operation in Canada, being capable of serving 747s and An-124s.

C2XP's rendition promises a release around the middle of April this year. Here is the full feature list:

Scenery Features:

  • 20+ Custom buildings
  • 70+ Custom Objects
  • HD ground textures
  • HD taxilines and ground details
  • 3D volumetric grass
  • Ground ambient occlusion
  • Extremely detailed parking lots
  • Dynamic lighting
  • Optional winter textures
  • Custom autogate + sound
  • WT3 Compatibility (Freeware Add-on)
  • Optional static aircraft package (Freeware Add-on)

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