VSKYLABS releases v1.1 of the Hungarocopter

VSKYLABS announced the development of the HC-02 in early March of this year. The early access phase for the model has recently been completed. The HC-02 model was built using an actual HC-02 as a reference, with the team working steadily on the project. Real-world feedback was obtained from HC-02 pilots to create the most realistic flight model possible for the aircraft. The Hungarocopter, designed in Hungary, is an ultralight helicopter that uses the latest design technologies and construction methods. The HC-02 is powered by a Rotax 915, which can produce up to 141 Hp, allowing it to reach cruise speeds of 87 knots. With room for two people, the helicopter has a maximum range of 400km and an endurance of 2.5 hours.

VSKYLABS has spent extensive time modeling the cockpit with detail and accuracy to give VR headset users a feeling of being inside the cockpit. VSKYLABS also brought all new first simulated systems to X-Plane, such as the Electric Rescue System. According to VSKYLABS, the ERS is a

“battery-independent rescue system (ERS), which provides more than 25KW of extra power in the swing-arm drive mechanism. This allows available extra power for takeoffs and landings and autorotations.”

The HC-02 offers several features, including Avitab compatibility and a custom FMOD sound pack. The V1.1 update improves flight dynamics, displays, interaction, and visual model. The FMOD sound pack is now updated with additional sounds as well. The Hungarocopter is compatible with X-Plane 11/12 and is available at X-Plane.org store for $19.47 and VSKYLABS.com for $18.85. These prices are still valid as of November 18th, 2023.

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