Honeycomb Charlie Rudder Pedals Enter Production, Ship In August

After many months of uncertainty, and with questions still swirling about the status of the company as a whole, Honeycomb Aeronautical’s highly anticipated Charlie Rudder Pedals have gone into production today and will finally ship to customers starting in August, according to a statement from Aerosoft.

Early this year, Honeycomb fell into hot water as many months of radio silence led to a statement by the company’s CEO, Nicki Repenning, admitting that they were struggling financially, and that his former business partner and CEO of Snakebyte-group, Mike Steup, hid this information from him and stole pre-order money set aside for the Charlie Rudder Pedal production had “gone elsewhere.” Snakebyte and Mr. Steup denies these allegations. Threshold interviewed Mr. Repenning as a culmination of a weeks-long initial investigation, which you can read here.

According to Aerosoft, production of the pedals has started today and they have been able to “test the pre-production models extensively,” and they are “impressed by the quality of the materials and the realistic feel of the pedals.” Aerosoft plans to start deliveries on August 29th.

As a compensation for the long waiting time, all customers who have pre-ordered the Charlie Pedals via the Aerosoft Shop or have already pre-ordered them will receive an Aerosoft Shop voucher worth 30€ ($32.17USD).

Aerosoft also says that those who are attending this weekend’s FlightSimExpo in Las Vegas can try out the Charlie Pedals at their booth.

As a special promotion for the UEFA European Championship, New customers can get a Honeycomb Alpha Yoke at a discounted price of 199.99€ ($214.43USD), for as long as the German national team is in the tournament.

The Charlie Pedals can now be pre-ordered on the Aerosoft Shop for 369.99€ ($396.70USD).

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