HiFi Previews Active Sky FS for MSFS

HiFi Simulation Technologies has just announced a long-awaited product for Microsoft Flight Simulator, Active Sky FS. Active Sky FS will come with tons of features ranging from direct MSFS integration to enhanced cloudscapes and the famous Active Sky Weather Engine. ASFS will feature two weather depiction modes, passive and preset weather.

Passive weather depiction uses MSFS live weather data, allowing MSFS to take full control of weather depiction. At the same time, ASFS provides active air effects and other features, such as mapping, planning, voice features, condition reports, companion app, and more. Passive depiction is recommended for VFR flying, as it provides better cloud variation. When it comes to preset weather depiction mode, it contains weather condition controls for the best accuracy. It allows for full use of Active Sky weather data features, including real-time, historical, and custom weather options. This mode is recommended for those desiring realism in flight simulators.

Active air effects will enhance the simulator with lots of different features, including clear air turbulence, broken and overcast cloud layer turbulence, internal MSFS turbulence compatibility, updrafts, downdrafts, microbursts, thunderstorm effect, gusts, wind variation, gust-related turbulence, and many more.

Although ASFS's pricing is not yet determined, it is currently in beta testing and has gotten the status of releasing soon. Support for FS2024 is also planned without an additional fee unless there will be any major re-designs.

The release date is currently unknown, but Threshold will keep you updated as always!

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