Orbx Introduces Hammerfest Airport for MSFS

October 4, 2021


Scenery giant ORBX has taken to their forums to announce their return to Scandinavia with a rendition of Hammerfest airport for MSFS, the town is most well known as the northernmost settlement in the world, accommodating over 10,000 residents.

Apart from the usual standard features that the developer mentioned (PBR textures, an interior terminal model, custom statics as well as circle to land lighting for runway 22.) The unique location is the selling point here; the runway straddles right in between the Barents Sea and a little hill, and sits on a plateau above the town, which approaches very fast if you just miss your marks.

The real airport is a cozy gateway primarily served by Dash8-100s operated by Widerøe, and the majority of the traffic comes from nearby towns such as Tromso, Honningsvag and Hasvik.

The airport features a challenging, short approach over the Barents Sea leading onto runway 04 and 22. You will find yourself looking at the town of Hammerfest, the beautiful mountain backdrop in the distance, and the sky as you approach the airport. Don’t get fooled however, as the short runway, significant turbulence - exacerbated by the dark winter months, will put your skills to the test.

The product will be available on the ORBX store when released. No release date has been announced yet, for more images - visit the original thread on Orbx's forums.

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