Hype Performance Group Releases H160 for MSFS

Hype Performance Group has recently released their rendition of the Airbus H160 for Microsoft Flight Simulator, a medium utility helicopter formally launched in 2015 and introduced in 2021.

First revealed in 2011, the H160 was declared a “game changer” with advanced fly-by-wire controls, advanced pilot edge functionality, reduced vibration, Blue Edge active tracking rotor blades, and a “radically different cockpit.” With the development costs rapidly racking up, some of the promised features were either toned down or eliminated when the helicopter was formally introduced in 2015.

The H160 features a light and efficient design, eliminating conventional hydraulic parts like the landing gear and brakes for electrical counterparts. It is one tonne lighter than its rival, burns less fuel, and is cheaper to operate in the long run.

It’s powered by two Safran Arrano 1A turboshaft engines, producing 1280 hp each, with a total range of 880 km, at 255 km/h, with a service ceiling of 20,000ft.

HPG’s rendition features a high-detail 3D model, two variants (Civilian and Luxury), six liveries for each variant, PBR texturing, VR support, working doors, animated windshield wipers, animated flight controls, functional emergency floats, advanced avionics and systems, compatibility with either the PMS or the TDS Garmin GTN device, a functional weather radar, and more. The complete feature list follows below:

Highly Detailed 3D Model, Textures and Animations

  • HPG's highest quality production to date
  • 2 H160 variants (Civilian, Luxury) included in this package
  • Each variant includes six (6) stunning liveries in 4K quality for 12 total
  • Extremely detailed professionally modeled interior and exterior, all PBR textures
  • Cockpit is almost completely interactive, supporting both the Lock and Legacy Cockpit Interaction System
  • VR Cockpit Zoom supported, aircraft designed from the ground up around VR
  • Rotor animations including blade droop, blade flap
  • Working doors, animated windshield wipers, all flight controls animated
  • Rotor downwash effects (water, snow, dirt/sand), engine heat blur and heat emissive effects
  • Functional emergency floats (Luxury variant only) with manual and automatic deployment options

Advanced Avionics & Detailed Systems

  • High quality Airbus Helionix avionics - the most modern and safe avionics suite
  • Vortex Ring State protections
  • Automatic takeoff (vertical and rearward takeoff assistance)
  • First Limit Indicator containing TRQ, N1 and TOT limits combined in an intuitive pilot display
  • Realistic normal procedures (checklists) included
  • Synthetic Vision System on all 4 MFDs is supported without restriction
  • Map display options including the ability to use any OpenStreetMap/slippy tile provider you may choose
  • Maps are combined with sim flight plan, OSM underlay, and weather or HTAWS (Height Above Terrain) overlay
  • Maps operate in light or dark mode
  • Fully functional weather radar
  • Online weather service available on the tablet and DMAP system
  • Included Tablet with powerful apps including LittleNavMap moving map, Neofly, Documents library, Maps, utilities & games
  • Stream video and websites with our exclusive EFBConnect app for PC
  • Integrated Garmin GTN750 (pms50) or the TDS GTNXi (TDS Sim Software)
  • CMA9000 FMS coming after launch
  • Add custom key bindings for over 400 cockpit actions (no extra software required)
  • Home Cockpit friendly with L:Vars and H:Events for almost all functionality
  • Great for both IFR and VFR flight

Powerful 4-axis Autopilot

  • State of the art auto-flight control system with Stability Augmentation System (SAS)
  • GTC: Ground trajectory command: Maintain longitudinal and lateral ground speed. So called "follow the boat" mode
  • GTC.H: Ground trajectory command with hover: This is an automatic hover mode which will acquire a position and maintain it in crosswinds up to the aircraft limit of 30kt
  • LOC/GS APP/V.APP: Traditional precision approach and GPS approach modes
  • Fully capable of flying a hands-off ILS-to-minimums approach
  • Automatic level-off when approaching the ground to avoid Controlled Flight into Terrain
  • Beep Trim (traditional trim mode and AFCS mode)
  • AFCS and SAS may also be disengaged for a more challenging flight regime

Helicopter Flight Model

  • Native MSFS Helicopter flight model augmented with our proprietary AFCS and Vortex Ring State augmentation.
  • The HPG H160 uses an advanced Stability Augmentation System (SAS) to stabilize the helicopter using computer controlled actuators 
  • Support for All-Engines-Operative, One-Engine-Inoperative or Autorotation flight condition
  • Operate in both Realistic and Arcade modes - enjoy with a controller or higher end hardware

Immersive Sounds

  • Realistic turbine, rotor, cabin, alert, floats deployment and environmental sounds
  • Doors mixed with environment and exterior sounds when open or removed
  • More than 60 custom sounds included

It’s available for $49.99 on HPG’s website. 

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