HotStart TBM-900 Release Info Announced

Alex John
October 16, 2018

HotStart have formally announced a lot of information about the release of their very much anticipated TBM-900! First and foremost: the TBM-900 will be released this Saturday (20th October) at 00:00 Eastern Standard Time (EST). Over the course of the next few days, the team will be live-streaming their aircraft on Twitch, with the first due today at 18:30 EST.

Key highlights of the (very!) long features list include:

A full list of features is included at the bottom of this article.

In flight simulation, we are used to aircraft engines starting first-time, every time. This is not the case with the TBM-900, as the engine may take one or many attempts to start. Or perhaps the battery is unusually low - the team have worked tirelessly to integrate a 'personality' into the aircraft.

The TBM-900 will also allow you to view what's going on inside. Below, is the in-sim diagram of the Pratt & Witney PT6A-66D engine. Each data point has its own graph to display temperatures over the past ten minutes:

The post detailed the characteristics of the engine and its performance accuracy, and then continued to focus on sensor variations and inaccuracies as would be expected in the real world, such as the variation in the ITT temperatures:

In closing, HotStart stated more information will come tomorrow in the form of avionics. Be sure to check out all the developments of the TBM-900 here - this is an aircraft not to be overlooked!


A 'brief' list of features of the TBM-900: