HST Simulations Releases RealView Next

March 1, 2021

A continuation of the well-known RealView product from HST Simulations, RealView has been updated to the next generation branded as “RealView Next”.

The product has been dubbed as more than a mere update, it is a completely new product built from the ground-up. 

It was said in a blog post on the HST website that the product differs from previous versions of RealView as it is built upon a completely new camera engine, the same platform that the upcoming “RealView Pro” will utilise. The product is built upon more complex mathematical equations that compute everything the plugin may need including the type of surface, the type of shaking and the force of the impact on the human eyes. 

The new version of the plugin also adds Virtual Reality support and many new presets for aircraft.

A length list of new features and changes in the new version, along with a description of each were also included in the blog post.

A summary of these news Features are below:

  • A completely new motion engine
  • A new upgraded user interface
  • New experimental VR mode
  • A new effects processing module
  • New effects preview mode
  • New Angular Acceleration Effects

RealView Next is available to purchase from the X-Plane.org Store for $19.99.

Customers who have previously purchased RealView Legacy can download the new version free of charge.

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