HST Simulations Issue Statement Regarding xAmbience Pro Development

April 12, 2021


In the second weekly update so far, X-Plane developer HST Simulations released a statement regarding the current development progress on xAmbience Pro, as well as news on the release of the addon including a giveaway.

The developer starts by stating what is left before the release of xAmbience Pro, in which they say that there are “two elements left: a system for mixing samples of clouds and [a system] for debugging some functions”. On top of this, they mention that they are expecting a “general completion next week”.

HST Simulations also mention the plan for the plugins launch, saying that the current plan is to release three “videos of product feature previews”, then they will “short-term test all the main work and launch media access”, before finally releasing the plugin to the public.

Next, the developers mention that work on 3D clouds has been resumed in full, following a small break due to the fact that they were preparing xAmbience Pro v1.00 for release. They state that they are working with new people who will help “setup the production of [the] pipeline”. On top of this, they also say that the 3D clouds will be compatible with Vulkan with little FPS loss. “The visual part will be changed beyond recognition”, HST Simulations say. They state that they will talk more about the 3D clouds in the next development update.

Finally, they mention that they will be hosting a giveaway of five xAmbience Pro keys and five RealView Next keys.

To find out more information regarding the development update and the giveaway, you can read the original post on HST Simulations’ website.

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