iBlueYonder Announces Lelystad Airport for MSFS

iBlueYonder has recently announced and teased their rendition of Lelystad Airport (EHLE) for Microsoft Flight Simulator, serving Lelystad and Amsterdam in the Netherlands. It's the country's biggest general aviation airport, home to an important aviation museum.

It was idealized in 1966 and had its first flights in 1971, albeit not yet as an official airport, which only happened in 1973. With grass taxiways and runways at first, it was often closed because of muddy terrain, rendering it useless as a landing strip. It wasn't until 1978 that the taxiways were finally hardened, followed by runway paving in 1981.

It was purchased by the Schiphol Group in 1993, the same company that manages Amsterdam Schiphol, the busiest and main airport in the Netherlands.

A decade later, the Schiphol Group moved the Aviodrome Museum from Schiphol to Lelystad, where it has been headquartered ever since and holds various events every year.

The airport is currently under expansion work, driven by Schiphol reaching its maximum capacity and its geographic proximity to Amsterdam. The House of Representatives begs to differ, though, with a motion in January 2024 that blocks the usage of the airport for commercial aviation.

Developed by Ronald Fleurbaaij, a new member of iBlueYonder, the scenery will feature an accurate rendition of the airport and is scheduled to reach completion before this year's FSWeekend in March.

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