InDepthSimulations Partners with AMX Studios; Freeware A220 on the Horizon

Saturday, February 8, 2020

Developer of a forthcoming Q300 rendition, InDepthSimulations, have announced a merge with AMX Studios, a brand which has taken on the task of creating an A220 for X-Plane.

The merger, which took place today, means that effectively AMX Studios no longer exists having been replaced with InDepthSimulations branding, including on the group's Discord server and Threshold Forum club, their main forms of communication.

In post announcing the merge, developer Brady Margeson comments on the goals of the new group:

"My main goal here at IDS/AMX is to model the cockpit to perfection. Now that the team is smaller and makes more sense now, I have been asked to share some progress with you all. Modelling is going at an insanely fast pace and I am taking every second to make things to as close as the real thing as possible."

Now working on the A220, Margeson provided Threshold with some exclusive screenshots of the project, which are spread throughout this article.

Also attached are a selection of images from the group's Discord chat server, which can be found here.

In order to complete this project, InDepthSimulations' previous project, the Q300, has been sidelined for the time being, as the search goes on for a systems coder, according to the developer.

See more the previous status update from InDepthSimulations in another article.

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