Development Update for IndiaFoxtEcho's SIAI-Marchetti S-211

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

In early November last year, P3D/FSX developer Dino Cattaneo, also known as IndiaFoxtEcho, provided a roadmap for products and updates in 2019. Within this blog post, he confirmed the conversion of their SIAI S-211 and TA-4J to X-Plane 11, stating that their avionics and cockpit features make them "relatively easy to convert."

More recent events sees the S-211 still alive and kicking in X-Plane 11. On Saturday, the developer posted to their Facebook page that the aircraft and its systems are more-or-less done, but outlined a couple of issues that needed to be solved and completed. Issues with the aircraft include:

  • "The aircraft is currently using a default sound package. It should not take that long to convert the FSX/P3D sounds to XP11 but I have not done it yet.
  • "There is a very annoying glitch on the shadowing of the ailerons. I am not sure if it is a problem in the XP11 shadowing engine or what.
  • "An annoying bug is preventing the Squawk selection
  • "I have not understood how to separate the toe brakes from the parking brakes
  • "I have not understood how to make the starter switch clickable in the virtual cockpit
  • "Some of the warning lights do not work as expected"

Attached to the post are the following screenshots:

Then, in today's Facebook post, Cattaneo thanked users for the positive feedback from Saturday's post, and hinted at the possibility of having the beta ready in one month.

"The intent would be to create a "budget" payware offering, which will, most likely, include only the S-211 (no M-345)."

He also contemplated porting other products to X-Plane 11 in the same post, such as the F-35 and the Eurofighter Typhoon. Both were dismissed however, citing avionics as the main drawback.

The developer also touched upon the TA-4J, a variant of the Douglas A-4 Skyhawk, stating that it "has been built from the beginning to make a potential port to XP-11 much easier." This should be IndiaFoxtEcho's next project for X-Plane 11, and the 3D modelling for it should be completed by the conclusion of April.

These screenshots were attached to today's Facebook post:

An update to the S-211 was also provided back in January. Keep up-to-date with the developer, either through their Blogger, or Facebook page.

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