IndiaFoxtEcho Visual Simulations releases M-346 for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

October 4, 2022

IndiaFoxtEcho Visual Simulations has released their M-346 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The Leonardo M-346 is a twin-engine fighter commonly used for training in armed forces, with primary users Israeli Air Force, Italian Airforce, and the Polish Airforce, to name a few. The M-346 was also a contender to replace the T-38 in the US Airforce, being succeeded by the Boeing T-7. India Fox Echo recreated procedures based on the actual M-346 flight manuals, with a focus also on the HUD, MFD, and UFCP.

Modeling and texturing details are faithful to the actual aircraft, with ten liveries included. 

  • Italian Air Force
  • Italian Air Force special color
  • Singapore Air Force
  • Singapore Air Force special color
  • Polish Air Force
  • Israeli Air Force
  • Turkmen Air Force
  • Factory Primer
  • Factory FA camo
  • International Flight School

IndiaFoxtecho will improve and add more features to the M-346 as time progresses. Currently available for PC with an XBox version coming soon. The M-346 is available on OrbixDirect and SimMarket. Check out the well-produced trailer by the Italian Virtual Airforce here

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