iFly Previews Upcoming 737 Max 8 for MSFS

iFly has recently published a new development update for their upcoming Boeing 737 Max 8 for Microsoft Flight Simulator, featuring a gallery with over 30 preview images.

Other than the images (which say more than a thousand words, one could argue), iFly claims the development is moving along nicely. They have been considering creating a Discord channel to keep everyone updated on the project as it progresses.

The 737Max is Boeing’s response to the A320Neo. It has bigger, high-tech, and very efficient engines, a different wing, and a completely new glass cockpit while operating in a similar fashion to its previous iteration, the 737NG. With that, airlines save money in training costs as the commonality is retained. 

There’s no pricing or release date information, but Threshold will keep you informed!

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