Indiafoxtecho Reveal the T-45C Goshawk for Microsoft Flight Simulator

November 30, 2020

Multi-sim developer Indiafoxtecho has taken to Facebook to announce their newest project in development for Microsoft Flight Simulator, the T-45C Goshawk. 

The developer is partnering with Military Visualizations (Milviz) on this project, with the developer stating, “We have recently reached an agreement with Military Visualizations to cooperate and bring this jet trainer into MSFS and (potentially) to other platforms.”

“The project is very promising,” said the developer, but Microsoft Flight Simulator proposes multiple challenges to get a T-45C working, especially with the absence of aircraft carriers. Still, the developer hopes to create a “reasonably realistic and fun rendition of this naval jet trainer.”

The developer also provided some additional information in the comments of their post, stating that they were considering developing for DCS, “but at the moment our dish is full.” The developer has also rectified users’ worries, saying that they haven’t forgotten about the TA-4J and the Skyhalf family; however, Indiafoxtecho wasn’t happy with their quality; thus, they need to be reworked

The Goshawk currently has the hold monochrome green MFD’s; the developer prefers those but is open to the idea of changing them.

No specific ETA for the product was given, though it shouldn’t take “more than a couple of months to complete it,” according to the developer.

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