iniBuilds Updates Airbus A300-600R for MSFS

iniBuilds has recently issued a new update to their rendition of the Airbus A300-600R for Microsoft Flight Simulator, bringing bug fixes, flight model improvements, and more.

Update 1.0.7, the seventh so far, addresses the VS mode bug, improves the ground handling flight model, fixes an MCDU sound bug, and more. The changelog follows below:

- Fixed - VS mode reset to 0 at each waypoint in FP
- Fixed - When activating HDG mode while in PROFILE mode, PROFILE mode should stay engaged and not switch to LVLChg
- Fixed - Error in HP Valve Fire Loop Test Logic
- Fixed - Sometimes scrolling a value with the Honeycomb Bravo will also have the perceived effect of increasing sim rate
- Fixed - MDA input in FMC currently limited at 8000 (increased to 22000)
- Fixed - KDEN SIDs don't insert.
- Added – Exposed V1/VR/V2 LVARS. (INI_V1_FMGS, INI_VR_FMGS, INI_V2_FMGS)
- Added - Set chocks ON and park brake OFF when loading in cold & dark
Flight Model
- Improved ground handling flight model
- Fixed – MCDU missing some sounds
- Added - Option in settings that allows refueling while engines running

iniBuilds also states that a re-log-in on Navigraph in the EFB might be necessary after applying the update.

The aircraft is available on the iniBuilds Store for roughly $44.55, requiring at least 8 GB of free hard disk space to install.

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