iniBuilds Teases A300 Liveries

iniBuilds, who are known for their work with Microsoft and Asobo in bringing the A310, and eventually, an improved A320neo to Microsoft Flight Simulator has teased some of the liveries that will be available with their upcoming A300. The liveries were teased in an announcement on their Discord stating that final feature implementation and testing are currently taking place. 

iniBuilds first announced the project at FlightSimExpo earlier this year and has been slowly previewing the aircraft since. Currently, it's stated that the initial release is planned to be before the end of the year with the GE engine, both passenger and freighter layouts, and a planned hotfix if needed. In early 2024 users can expect to see the Pratt and Whitney engine variant with both a passenger and freighter option, a modern IDC radio panel will also be included in this update. Sometime in 2024, a paid update will be available, which will include the Primus Epic glass avionics package seen on many A300's today.

With 2023 coming to a close there's a lot to look forward to in the realm of flight simulation, and we at Threshold look forward to bringing you all the breaking news!

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